about studio 91—

Founded in 2018 by writer Safy-Hallan Farah, Studio 91 is an arts & entertainment creative agency, storytelling platform and production house made up of a small team of cultural producers. We are dedicated to championing artists of color through community-centered educational initiatives, brand partnerships and multimedia projects.

Our first project, 1991, highlights the verve of Somali youth across the globe and attempts to reconcile Somalia’s promising future with the tumult of its past. Buy it here.

principal organizers—

founder: safy-hallan farah

editorial director: maryama dahir

art director: mika albornoz

design lead: michael felder

Assistant Editor: Abdirahman Nur Ali  

Photo Editor: ridwan omar

photo editor: abdi ibrahim

Contributing Editor: Aamna Mohdin

contributing editor: liban mahamoud

contributing editor: mohamed sahid

contributing editor: yasin osman

Editorial Assistant: Khin Oo

Editorial Intern: Alex Brown

Production Assistant: Nasteha Mohamed

Engagement Editor: Diana Salah

Brand and Marketing Manager: Hibo Bile